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8-15 November 2016 Nanaimo, Canada
Report of the Albacore Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • A Review of North Pacific Albacore Fishery Data Reported by Non-ISC Countries.
  • Holmes, J.


  • Japanese catch statistics of North Pacific albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) for stock synthesis 3.
  • Ijima, H., D. Ochi and K. Satoh


  • New fisheries definition from Japanese longline North Pacific albacore size data.
  • Ochi, D., H. Ijima, J. Kinoshita and H. Kiyofuji


  • Update standardized CPUE for North Pacific albacore caught by the Japanese pole and line data from 1972 to 2015.
  • Kinoshita, J., D. Ochi and H. Kiyofuji


  • Sex ratio, spawning season, spawning fraction and size at maturity of North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga) caught in subtropical western North Pacific.
  • Ashida, H., T. Gosho and H. Kiyofuji


  • New future projection program for North Pacific albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) : considering two-sex age-structured population dynamics.
  • Ijima, H, O. Sakai, T. Akita and H. Kiyofuji


  • Meta-analysis of M for north Pacific albacore.
  • Kinney, M. J., and S. L. H. Teo


  • Definition of US longline fishery.
  • Teo, S.


  • The development of Taiwanese longline fishery in the North Pacific Ocean and estimation of albacore CPUE exploited by albacore-targeting fishery, 1995-2015.
  • Chen, C.-Y. and F.-C. Cheng


  • Estimation of sexual maturity-at-length of the North Pacific albacore.
  • Chen, K.-S., C.-C. Hsu, C.-Y. Chen, F.-C. Cheng and H. Ijima


  • Withdrawn
  • -
  • -


  • Reference points under the hypothesis of sex-specific life history.
  • Akita, T. and H. Ijima