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20-27 Mar 2023 La Jolla, USA
Report of the Albacore Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • A Summary of North Pacific Albacore Tuna Fishery Data Reported by Non-ISC Countries.
  • Hawkshaw S.


  • Juvenile index of North Pacific albacore tuna: Japanese longline CPUE standardization using a spatiotemporal model.
  • Ijima H. and J. Matsubayashi


  • CPUE standardization for North Pacific albacore caught by Japanese longline fishery from 1996 to 2021 in Area 2 and Quarter 2.
  • Matsubayashi J., H. Ijima, N. Matsubara Y. Aoki and Y. Tsuda


  • Sex specific size data for North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in Japanese research/training vessels.
  • Aoki Y., T. Senda, H. Ijima, N. Matsubara, J. Matsubayashi and Y. Tsuda


  • Juvenile and adult classification with clustered mean weight data in Japanese longline fishes in areas 1 and 3.
  • Aoki Y., H. Ijima, and Y. Tsuda


  • Spatiotemporal definitions of Taiwanese albacore longline fishery in the North Pacific Ocean based on a regression tree analysis of size data.
  • Yeh Z.-W, Y.-J. Chang and J. Hsu


  • Uncertainties of future projection in North Pacific albacore tuna stock assessment.
  • Ijima H.


  • Additional Japanese longline logbook data analysis for adult albacore tuna CPUE.
  • Ijima H. and Y. Tsuda


  • Revision of future projection software SSfuture C++.
  • Ijima H., Y. Aoki, and Y. Tsuda



  • Summary of data preparation for Japanese longline fisheries.
  • Tsuda Y.


  • Update on sex identification genetics project by US scientists.
  • Hyde J.