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14-28 April 2014 La Jolla, USA
Report of the Albacore Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • Abundance indices of albacore tuna for the Stock Synthesis III by Japanese longline fishery in the north west Pacific Ocean.
  • Ijima, H. and K. Satoh
  • -


  • Review of Japanese albacore catch data for the North Pacific albacore stock assessment in April 2014.
  • Satoh, K., T. Matsumoto and K. Uosaki
  • -


  • An update of the standardized abundance index of US and Canada albacore troll fisheries in the North Pacific (1966-2012).
  • Xu, Y., S.L.H. Teo and J. Holmes
  • -


  • A comparison study of North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga) age and growth among various sources.
  • Xu, Y., T. Sippel, S.L.H. Teo, K. Piner, K.-S. Chen and D.R.J. Wells
  • -


  • Albacore catch statistics of Taiwanese longline fisheries operated in the North Pacific Ocean, 1995-2011, and preliminary estimates for the year of 2012.
  • Chen, C.-Y. and F.-C. Cheng


  • Updated standardized CPUE for North Pacific albacore caught by the Japanese pole and line data.
  • Kiyofuji, H.
  • -


  • North Pacific albacore catch and size composition from the Japanese longline fishery.
  • Kiyofuji, H., H. Ijima and K. Satoh
  • -